BSBPMG522 Undertake Project Work


This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to undertake a straightforward project or a section of a larger project. It covers developing a project plan, administering and monitoring the project, finalising the project and reviewing the project to identify lessons learned for application to future projects.

This unit applies to individuals who play a significant role in ensuring a project meets timelines, quality standards, budgetary limits and other requirements set for the project.

The unit does not apply to specialist project managers. For specialist project managers, the other units of competency in the project management field (BSBPMG) will be applicable.



  • Know how to define a project.
  • Understand how to develop a project plan.
  • Learn how to administer and monitor project.
  • Discover how to finalise and review project.
  • Gain the skills and knowledge required for the unit.


‘The key to successful leadership today is influence not authority.’

– Kenneth Blanchard 


BSBPMG522 – Learner Guide

BSBPMG522 – PowerPoint