Networking is the building of a web of mutually supportive, informal relationships with others inside and outside of the organisation in order to share, help, advise and support. It is a way of developing skills and knowledge, expanding your sphere of influence and increasing your source of information.

Networking is a social, not an individual, activity. It involves connecting people and bringing them together to focus on a common interest or area of work. The more people you get to know and come together with in a positive relationship, the more information you will have access to and the more influence you will acquire.

Networking should not be just about seeing and being seen, but about developing strategic alliances.

Networking has become the number one business building tool. Many professions are almost totally referral-based – for example, the legal profession, accountants, life insurance agents, real estate agents and many sales areas. Networking can generate referrals for you and attract new business. At the same time networking with your current customers can enthuse them to work with you more often and even try additional products or services.


“Our goal is to not build a platform; it’s to be across all of them”

-Mark Zuckerburg 


BSBREL401 – Learner Guide

BSBREL401 – PowerPoint


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